Who It’s For

Anyone looking for the guidance to confidently invest their retirement account on their own without the cost of an advisor.

Who is RI for

If you want to know how to invest your 401k after you leave your job, or how to invest your existing IRA, Roth IRA, SEP, SIMPLE or Solo-401k — we can show you how to do it yourself with confidence.


“I changed jobs and rolled over my 401k to an IRA.”

I wasn’t sure if my investments were allocated to maximize growth and minimize my costs. Retirement Investor offered me a range of model portfolios using low-cost ETF index funds that I can follow as a way to accomplish both of my objectives.

“I have a SEP-IRA to save for retirement”

Retirement Investor helped me establish my risk profile, select a model portfolio and build my portfolio through my online brokerage account. Plus, I get a monthly market review that keeps me informed and lets me know if I need to make a change.

“We own a small business.”

We wanted to take the same entrepreneurial approach we take with our business and do our own investing for retirement, but with a little guidance. Retirement Investor’s educational videos gave us the direction we needed to feel confident in our ability to effectively invest for retirement.


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