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“We offer guidance to people of any age who want to confidently invest their retirement account on their own.”

Wayne Connors

Founder & Portfolio Strategist
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What our members are saying…

Lauren O., Boston, MA

Acting upon the advice of my brother, who has been in the investment industry for more than 15 years, I subscribed to Retirement Investor. I was able to choose a portfolio to follow that was right for my IRA account. I’m saving more than 2% in investment fees and my returns are much better than before.

Sandra V., Stoneham, MA

As a working, career oriented, Mother, I have very little time to spend doing investment research, let alone to keep up with market news. Now that I have subscribed to Retirement Investor they do the research for me and keep me informed on what is happening in the markets with their Month Video Newsletter. Thank you Retirement Investor!

Don G., Ashland, NH

I’ve invested in 401k plans for more than 30 years. In the past I have asked co-workers what they are doing, but until now I didn’t really understand how to allocate my own portfolio. After watching Retirement Investor’s videos, I feel confident as a do-it-yourself investor for the first time. Using my self-directed brokerage account, I am saving money and the performance is better than ever.

Steve B., Wethersfield, CT

I was looking for a flat-rate subscription service that would give me an example of a professionally designed investment portfolio that I could replicate on my own and follow for changes. Retirement Investor provided me valuable education and gave me a great asset allocation to follow that had minimal expenses. It’s just the solution I was looking for.

Tom B., Phoenix, AZ

Being a busy professional, I found it difficult to spend the required time researching investments. I found that Retirement Investor helped simplify the process by publishing a professionally designed portfolio of low-cost ETFs.

David C., Beverly Hills, CA

I have subscribed to newsletters in the past. Some promised get rich quick real estate schemes while others pushed gold based on investor fears. Retirement Investor is completely different. As a member, I am getting useful unbiased education from their videos and simplified market news from their commentaries. For once I feel like I am getting real value for my money.

Adrienne F., Redmond, WA

Years ago, I earned a Masters Degree in Economics at the University of Chicago. I have grown quite tired of the investment propaganda being disseminated today by the financial media. It’s about time someone started offering an online portfolio construction publication backed by substance. If you want to cut through the typical Wall Street nonsense, Retirement Investor is right for you!