About Us

“We offer guidance to people of any age who want to confidently invest their retirement account on their own.”

Wayne Connors

Founder & Portfolio Strategist
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Watch Founder Video

Our Investment Philosophy

We follow a time-tested investment philosophy that teaches the average investor how to build a retirement portfolio that will outperform most professionally managed accounts.

We believe that everyone can be a successful do-it-yourself investor if they adopt an investment philosophy that follows three investing rules:

Rule 1: Stay Invested:

Over the last 20 years, the average stock fund investors’ return was 5.02% annually, while the S&P 500 Index was 9.22%. This is due to investors trying to time the market instead of staying invested and benefiting from returns that were there for the taking!


Rule 2: Stay Disciplined:

The key to staying invested is staying disciplined. Three ways to stay disciplined include becoming educated about proper investing principles, diversifying your retirement portfolio across multiple asset classes, and re-balancing your portfolio periodically.


Rule 3: Make the Markets Work for You:

Instead of trying to beat the market, capture the returns the markets have to offer. Maximize these returns by “owning the market” using low-cost index funds and focusing on what you can control…investment risk and fees.